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Conventional V-Belt



Conventional V-belts for ARPM / RMA IP-20, available in wrapped type or raw-edge cogged type, are the most typical form of power transmission belts. They are known for their reliability and are used in many fields of mechanical power transmission. Therefore, they are economic, available in the market, and easily replaced.


Belt construction

Wrapped V-Belts

"Wrapped" means that the V-Belt core is protected by cover fabric made of cotton or polyester. The cover fabric is coated with rubber to reinforce the wear resistance.


Raw Edge V-Belts

Raw Edge V-Belts have no fabric on the belt sides. The special rubber compound ensures greater wear resistance than Wrapped V-Belts.

Wrapped_Type_V-belt_graphic   Raw_Edge_Type_V-Belt


Constituent material

  • Cover cloth: It is highly elastic, can easily bend and stretch while the belt is rotating, and has strong resistance to wear.

  • Core line: Belt is the central part of strong power transmission. In order to fully satisfy this role, we use a core wire with high tensile strength, low elongation, and high bending fatigue resistance.

  • V-core rubber: Uses a highly flexible compounded rubber that is less deformed under high load and has excellent durability.


Product code


Standard belt sizes










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