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NEW! Maxstar Power



Using aramid tensile cords in our new Maxstar Power V-belts creates a belt that provides longer durability with less abrasion when compared to standard belts.


  • Aramid Tensile CordsMaxstar_Power_Flyer_Icon

Aramid tensile cords limit stretch while providing extraordinary strength and durability. Minimal retensioning reduceds maintenance needs.

  • Clutching Cover Fabric

Reduces friction and heat buildup under shock loads and slippage with abrasive and puncture-resistant bareback (non-rubber) double layer fabric cover.

  • Cord Reinforcement Layer

Special high modulus rubber designed to support the cords to create even tension distribution across all cords.

  • Fiber Reinforced Chloroprene

Oil and heat resistant rated for 180°F outperforms other rubbers in harsh operating conditions

  • Meets ARPM Antistatic Properties
  • Available in sizes up to 270 inches


Mitsuboshi A & B Conventional V-Belts vs. Competitiors

A Section Belt MAXSTAR POWER Competitor #1 Competitor #2
Top width 12.5 mm 11.8 mm 12.1 mm
Thickness 9.0 mm 8.8 mm 9.1 mm
Fabric Cotton/PET Cotton/PET Cotton/Nylon
COF (coefficent of friction) 1.30 µ 1.52 µ 1.65 µ
Tensile strength 11.2 kN 6.3 kN 10.6 kN


B Section Belt MAXSTAR POWER Competitors
Top width 16.5 mm 15.6 mm
Thickness 10.9 mm 10.8 mm
Fabric Cotton/PET Cotton/PET
COF (coefficent of friction) 1.29 µ 1.56 µ
Tensile strength 14.7 kN 8.5 kN






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