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Ribstar™ G



The Ribstar™ G belt is a high-performance belt designed by combining the features of the high transmission of the V-belt and the flexibility of the flat belt. High-speed, high-load transmission with less vibration and noise is possible. It is also possible to reduce the weight, compactness, and energy saving of the entire system.


  • High transmission capacity and efficiency
  • High-speed transmission
  • Low noise and smooth transmission with less vibration.
  • Compact design

Content material

Ribstar_Construction Top Fabric Excellent bending and heat resistance plus protects the upper surface of the belt.
Cord  Uses special synthetic fiber with low heat shrinkage and high dimensional stability.
Adhesion Rubber Has strong adhesive strength and tear strength.
Rib Rubber  Uses special synthetic rubber with excellent bending, lateral pressure, and compression resistance.

Cross-sectional dimensions


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