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GigaTorque GX



Introducing high modulus but high flexibility carbon cord, this belt shows high tensile strength and high flexiblilty. You may expect this belt to minimize space, weight and noise of machinery and equipment by applying narrower belt width compared to regular timing belt. This belt can be applied for the applicability of chain drive system. Timing belt power transmission systems work best when high-accuracy belts and precisely processed pulleys smoothly mesh with each other. 


Superior Durability

  • High-tensile strength carbon cordGiga_Torque_GX_photo
  • Abrasion resistant, low friction tooth fabric
  • High elastic, high hardness HNBR rubber
  • Increased durability

Reduced Noise

  • Rubber construction for superior flexibility
  • Special low friction fiber for the tooth fabric
  • Reduced high frequency noise

Drop-in Replacement

  • Designed to run in competitor's belt sprockets

Power Rating

  • Giga Torque GX Power Rating is 10% higher than the competitor's Polyurethane Carbon Cord belt.





Belt tooth pitch

Giga_Torque_GX_Tooth_Pitch_G8M Giga_Torque_GX_belt_tooth_pitch_G14M

Belt type

Rubber timing belt Rubber timing belt

Tooth height  ht  (mm)

3.50 5.60

Belt thickness  h  (mm)

6.10 9.80

Tooth fabric

Nylon and Special Low Friction Fiber Nylon and Special Low Friction Fiber


High Modulus Carbon Fiber High Modulus Carbon Fiber


High Hardness Compound Rubber (HNBR) High Hardness Compound Rubber (HNBR)

Heat resistance temperature  (°C)

+100 +100

Cold reistance temperature (°C)

-20 -20

Max. belt speed  (m/s)

30 30

Wear resistance

Best Best

Electric conductivity

No No


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